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Courage BMW M3

Courage black BMW M3

Courage black “BMW M3″ #108 – ( 24 inches by 18 inches )

M3 poster “courage” was produced in 2005. This image was shot in a 2001 BMW convertible M3, carbon black which was the first year of the E46 body as an M.

This is NOT a photoshop image. This was taken by me while drive at 140 miles per hour. I had to take about 3 shots to get it clear, but the real challenge was keeping the speedometer at 140. I actually had to get the car up to 145 mphs and take the photo as the car would decelerate. I have similar photos taken in my M5 at 155, 161 in a corvette and 125 in a BMW 3 series. The only posters currently produced are the M3 POSTER AND THE CORVETTE POSTER.

All images where taken on tracks or closed roads. Driving a M3 at 140mph with one hand on the steering wheel while taking a photo with the other wasn’t has hard as I thought. But as they say “Don’t try this at home”! I also look forward to creating new images with the BMW M6! Shot with a Nikon Cool pix 775 2.14 megapixel digital camera.


  1. Frank Says:

    I love this poster! I have it up in my office and get tons of comments on it. Keep’em coming OAK Ambitions!!!


  2. M Says:

    i also have a 2002 M3. I’ve had it up to 130 hp, that’s fast enough for me. That looks like the 6 speed M3, I have the SMG and it says the gear you are in on the dash. I love all OAK posters, keep it going!!!


  3. 92BMW Says:

    I got the poster from oak ambitions in the mail today and I love this M3 GOING 140 mph.

  4. kickit99 Says:

    Dam you guys are crazy! I love this M3 POSTER!


  5. MAC Says:

    Sweet M3 POSTER!!

  6. Dino85 Says:

    Is that a M3 or M5? Great BMW poster guy!

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