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One of a kind ambitions, OAK Ambitions creates motivational images that will truly motivate you. You won’t find our images in your dentist office waiting room. Our images are not for everyone, only for the open minded individual who is willing to embrace and follow their ambitions.

Started in 1987 by Founder and Creator Mac of San Diego, California. Inspired with the idea of creating one of a kind images and graphics. The company has grown it product line with worldwide recognition.

In 2004 Jack Dunigan, of Santa Monica, CA, joined Oak Ambitions and took on the role as Executive Partner. Jack’s background includes Sales and Public Relations, Jack has proven to be a great driving force for the OakAmbition’s team.

OAK Ambitions is the voice of anyone with goals and aspiration. Most images, thoughts and ideas which aren’t usually talked about, are the center of attention with OAK Ambitions. Are you really motivated by images of sunsets, rock climbing, flowers and bumble bees? How are you going to reach your goals by looking at an image of some guy reaching the mountain top? OAK Ambitions wants to create images that will stay in you mind forever! We use all of the key ingredients, something Powerful, Bold, a little “humor” and very sexy.

When you need something to pick you up and get you motivated you image an exotic car, or a hard body. Posters that reflect your true ambitions and goals. Even if driving a $300,000 sports car isn’t your ultimate goal in life, you still have an appreciation for the beauty, power and prestige. All posters are created, produced and delivery by OAK Ambitions. The photography, the art, the graphics, the phrases, everything is handled by OAK Ambitions.


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It is OOAK Ambitions for “One of a Kind Ambitions. Not O2AK it means “O squared” for “OOAK”

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